Bandera and Nuremberg

12 December 2018, 19:43
Bandera and Bandera’s OUN charging of collaborating with the Nazis is an attempt to revise the results of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

In discussions, you can often hear the opinion, they say, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal, and attempts to glorify it, they say, are an attempt to revise the results of the Second World War. In response, you can hear that Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and UPA are not mentioned in the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

In fact, the situation is different.

In the Nuremberg process papers referred to Bandera is available. In particular, the document 014-USSR is the secret circular on the C-5 einsatzgroup, dated November 25, 1941. It stated as a reliably ascertained fact that the Bandera movement (OUN (b)) was preparing an anti-Kraut revolt in the occupied territories to form an independent Ukrainian state. In that regard, the Einsatzgroup was instructed to shoot all identified Bandera after careful interrogation, and immediately send the interrogation protocols to the authorities.

The evidence submitted to the tribunal by Soviet prosecutors is convincing proof that the Banderites were the victims of another Nazi crime that is extrajudicial executions on the ground of belonging to a political organization.

November 1941 was the hardest wartime. After the defeat of the Soviet troops near Vyazma, the Germans continued Moscow offensive, the Soviet government was evacuated to Kuibyshev. At this time Nachtigall and Roland battalions fighters who had learned about Bandera and his fellows’ arrest refused to execute the orders of the German command, and Reich Security Main Office began a deadly war against the Banderites who were undoubtedly preparing an anti-Kraut revolt.

Another document is the SD Report on events in Ukraine, dated October 23, 1942. The Germans are on the approaches to Stalingrad, the Nazi flags are flying over both peaks of Elbrus, and Reich Security Main Office receives a secret report. The Bandera Organization is in a clearly hostile position towards Germany and takes all measures, including armed struggle, to restore Ukraine’s independence.

Thus, Bandera and Banderists’ OUN prosecution in collaboration with the Nazis is the very same attempt to revise the results of the Nuremberg process.

Yes, of course, before the war, the Ukrainian nationalists had contacts with Germany, in particular with military intelligence (the Abwehr). It goes without saying that the Germans were planning to use the OUN in their own interests. Just the same Bandera was going to use the Germans for their own but unlike purposes and wherein they achieved great success. The ties with the Germans were cut immediately after the proclamation of the Act of the Ukrainian State Restoration on June 30, 1941 in Lviv. Just in July it was turned out that the Agent Grey (as Bandera was listed in the Abwehr papers) was taken under home arrest and then he was sent to the Sachsenhausen camp. The actual war began between the Reich and the reconstructed Ukrainian state and that fact is proved by the Nuremberg Trials papers.

It should be noted that by the Nuremberg Tribunal decision Abwehr unlike the SD was not recognized as a criminal organization and Wilhelm Kanaris who personally negotiated with the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists on April 9, 1945 a month before the Victory Day was hanged for organizing the assassination attempt to Hitler.

Photocopies of documentation are submitted by Mr. Svatko Yaroslav.