Russia conducted an information attack with the aim of worsening relations between Ukraine and Turkey

30 November 2022, 00:57
On November 28, an anonymous Twitter account published a photo where 2 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly hold a poster in support of the Kurdish organization YPG/PKK.

This photo quickly spread across the Turkish segment of Twitter, and later in the Turkish mass media, although there is no information about the photo in the Ukrainian Infopol.


As for the account that caused the photo to gain publicity, the account is relatively new and its subject matter is the antifa movement, whose narratives are identical to the Russians' claims of fighting the West and decolonization. The signs point to the possibility of an intervention by Russian agents with the aim of worsening relations between Turkey and Ukraine and reducing the pace of deliveries of Turkish weapons to the armed forces.

The photo allegedly published by the Ukrainian military is inaccurate, the only thing that indicates the involvement of the soldiers in the Armed Forces is a yellow ribbon. However, as of November 28 (that's when the photo was published), employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine already had to wear green ribbons.