World War Z - “Moscow Third Rome” began its last War with humanity

12 марта 2022, 10:51
The amazing blood-curdling action and horror movie "World War Z". What does the letter "Z" mean in its name? Zombie? Not sure…

The letter Z on military equipment is the last letter of the Latin (Roman) alphabet, Moscow is the Third Rome and also the Last! Rome Z!

WWIII in the new interpretation of the Kremlin WWZ coincides with the name of the film for a reason, since we really have to fight the zombies of Russian propaganda, which have neither their own brains, nor desires, nor will, nor honor, nor conscience, and they can be defeated only if we destroy the first carrier!


The story told in the books of Tolkien was largely intertwined with the history of mankind, where the Hordes of orcs were a kind of variation of the Golden Horde, and Middle-earth was Europe.

The World War Z film about the last battle of mankind with zombies, in the form of people, but in fact the dead, philosophically ended and the storyline today is very reminiscent of the invasion of Russian tank armada into Ukraine.

We really had to meet the horde of Moscow, the heiress of the Golden Horde and the birthplace of the schizophrenic ideological theory of the Third Rome, the meaning of which boils down to the fact that Moscow is the last kingdom, or it would be more correct to say the empire, and there will be no Fourth Rome.

And not to happen because the Third Rome took on the role of becoming the undertaker of mankind - the dominant race over the entire planet with its king at the head of mankind!

The status of the Third Rome meant for Moscow a number of "universal" duties, as the defender of the Christian faith, it became responsible for Christians around the world.

At the same time, the ideologists of this sect substantiated by it the historical, "Third" path of Russia, which was different from the West and East, namely the initiation of everyone into their sect.

The impostors sitting in Moscow have really assumed the role of the baptizer of all mankind in their sect, but those who do not agree or will oppose, the adherents of this sect recommend killing!

According to the legend of the Last Rome, as soon as there is no one left on earth except the sectarians of the Moscow church, Armageddon will begin!

In other words, Moscow - Russia today is hostage to the mystical sect “Moscow Third Rome”, which believes that its task is to make the whole world Orthodox, and to destroy those who are objectionable.

For this purpose, the Kremlin can use the nuclear arsenal of the USSR.

At the moment, according to Putin's scenario, the troops of the Last Rome carry their teachings with a sword, returning to him "rightfully belonging" territories.

Kyiv for the ideology Rome Z is an important sacred center, as soon as they "return" it, they will increase their strength! Therefore, the most fierce battles will go on for Kyiv!

Further Tsargrad - Constantinople - Istanbul and only then Rome itself.

Putin solves the current problems with cannon fodder radically.

There will be a mass mobilization in the ranks of the zombies and Putin will bomb the cities with the Russians.

When the Russia will run out of people, nuclear bombs will be used.

However, according to the idea of ​​Armageddon, you can simply erase the world into dust, and this is also the right option and Putin is considered acceptable.


"We, as martyrs, will go to heaven, and they will simply die" - and he is not joking and really believes that his entire sect in Paradise has staked out a place for itself, but what will happen to the rest - doesn't matter !

In other words, before death, Putin decided to drag not only Russia, but the whole world with him into the coffin.

Don't believe? 

Remember your skepticism when you reacted to the words that Putin would attack Ukraine?